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Stewardship Policy: We are a registered charity and are audited annually by an independent public accounting firm. Our annual report and financial statements are available upon request. Gifts toward an approved program will be used as designated with the understanding that when the need has been met, or if the project cannot be carried out for any reason, designated gifts will be used where needed most. Funds will be used only for programs approved by the Board of Directors. Our practice is to mail annual receipts after the close of each calendar year; however, receipts can be requested at any time. Gifts must be received or postmarked by December 31 to appear on the annual receipt. Your confidentiality is important to us, so we never pass donors' names or information on to other organizations. Canada Revenue Agency Reg. #11881 7998 RR0001.

If you need assistance: Phone 1-888-581-2050 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm Saskatchewan time) or email

1. Tax Receipt Information

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2. Gift Information

This gift is designated to support:

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I would like to make
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  I authorize Briercrest College and Seminary to arrange automatic deductions
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and continuing
   until I notify you
   until end date of - -
an immediate gift of: $ by automatic bank or credit card withdrawal.
a pledge of: $ to be honoured in the next month(s)
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3. Financial Institution or Credit Card Information

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A. Credit Card Information
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B. Financial Institution Accounts
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4. We are listening

Please use the space below to provide further comments, or enter a message, question, greeting, or prayer request. We pray daily for our supporters.

Thank you for investing in our mission. We greatly appreciate your support!

Bob Krueger
Associate Vice President, Development